September 24, 2007

My thoughts on Minneosta...Week 4

Game Thoughts...

  • Defense really only gave up 10 first half points. Moral victory? Maybe. We all expected the Purdue offense to gash this defense for 4 quarters. Really it was 1 drive in the first qtr and then the entire 2nd half. 2 TDs in the first half are directly the responsibility of Adam Weber and the kickoff coverage.
  • Stupid Fumbles- Which was worse Amir's fumble at the 12 or Jamal's blocked FG for a TD (hold on there). If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have...well OK I would have. This is just something that doesn't happen to winning programs. Jamal's TD could have dramatically altered the course of the 2nd half. But he fumbled and it didn't.
  • Let's start the games 0-21 - I think we need that 3 TD deficit to get us going so maybe if we had 4 qtrs instead of 2 we'd be just fine.
  • Duane Bennett - If Pinnix is going to continue his costly fumbles, and Bennett is going to continue to run like he did then give the kid the ball. Duane looked very good and I look forward to his running over the next 4 years.
  • Young offense is still good - Take a look, we have freshmen starting (or major contributor) at QB, RB, WR and OG. Sophs at OG and WR. Only 3 seniors are starting (assuming Pinnix no longer starts) and this offense is able to put up 31 points on a good (not great) Big Ten team.
  • Game highlights.

Recruiting Thoughts...
  • Simoni Lawrence - despite giving up 45 points and losing, the coaching staff was still able to convince at least 1 of this week's recruits visiting to commit. I'll post more later on Lawrence but he is a DB/OLB, JUCO kid who will have 3 seasons to play for the Golden Gophers.
  • Another big recruiting weekend - Playing Ohio State may or may not help with recruits watching but this is another weekend full of recruits taking their official visits. Big names like Ryan Bass (RB), Keanon Cooper (S), Marqueis Gray (QB), Jewhan Edwards (DT), Brandon Green (WR) and Spencer Reeves (LB) will be here. The Purdue game had several nice recruits as well and hopefully another commit or two will come our way this week.
  • Offensive Recruits - this offense has been rather productive and looks fun to be a part of. It is spread and gives a lot of players a chance to contribute in the passing game. But it is also committed to running so OL and RBs can have some fun too. I would imagine high school offensive players would appreciated this offense and what it can offer them.
  • Defensive Recruits - this defense is taking a beating but any defensive recruit out there has to see this as an opportunity to come in and play as soon as they are ready.

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