September 12, 2007

My favorite part of BTN and Tim Brewster Interview

So there have been many mixed reviews. I for one am fond of the BTN thus far, particularly on Saturday afternoons. It gives me an outlet to watch all Big Ten games AND it means I get to see the best games from outside of the Big Ten. I realize that the in studio production quality is lacking but that should only get better with more revenue and more experienced personnel.

Anyway, my favorite mid-week show (besides watching App State beat Michigan again or Minnesota over Penn State circa 1999) is the Big Ten Coaches Q & A which is a recap of every coach's Monday press conference and a look ahead to their next week's game.

Tonight BTN did an interview with Coach Brewster. Nothing too terribly exciting, pretty much the same message he's been delivering every time you've heard him talk. He's tremendously excited about the Gophers, loves the state of Minnesota, we have a rich tradition of 6 National Championships, etc. But he does talk about Weber's progress a little bit and is honest about how we've struggled on defense.

Tim Brewster Interview

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