October 13, 2007

2nd half Northwestern thread...

3rd Qtr

Thank you Pat Fitzgerald. The gopher offense didn't lost anything over halftime but getting the ball at the 50 doesn't hurt either.

28-14, let's make the plays to finish this game.

  • UGH - after opening up a 35-14 point lead the offense resorted to it's old ways. The defense was able to force a fumble and give the offense the ball back +21 late in the 3rd. Weber nearly gave it away with a fumble then followed that play up with an INT. 1 play later it is back to a 2 score game.
  • Gopher fans have seen this before. 2 or 3 score leads always feel more like a 3 point lead (which might be safe with NW's kicker). The offense HAS to bounce back and sustain a long drive. Points would be nice but a drive to the 40 and a punt inside the 20 would at least eat clock and force the NW offense to drive 80+ yards. 3 and out or a turnover make this a game again.
End of 3rd Qtr 35-21

This is why Glen Mason was fired. Leading by 14 on the road to a beatable team usually ended in a loss! Can Tim Brewster finish this game off? Is it going to be a nail-biter or can we finish this game with a double digit win? This is a VERY telling qtr!

4th Qtr
  • This game is all too familiar and almost predictable. Honestly, this is Tim Brewster's first real chance to differentiate himself from the past staff.Well, the defense earned a stop. Can the offense drive a little bit?
  • Weber is clearly rattled, he has to get a completion here to get some confidence. Fortunately Thomas is running better since Pinnix hurt his hip.
  • NICE run by Weber, hopefully that settles him down a little bit and he can lead us to a road win here.
  • 3rd and 3 at the 40. Dunbar calls a play action roll out, Weber hits Tow-Arnet for a HUGE first down. Dunbar is taking some heat but I thought that was a great play call and I think he has called a really good game today. The 1st qtr was just feeling the NW D out a little bit, after the first few series this offense has been able to make plays all over the field. 2 turnovers are killers but you can't put those on the play calling.
  • 3rd and 5 with 2:08. Run / Pass option called and I wish Weber would have decided to run. That would have forced NW to use their final TO.
  • Missed FG and NW has to go about 80 yards to tie. Been here before, would love to see a different result.
  • FINAL PLAY of regulation - nope, 2nd timeout. Not sure what this accomplishes, but whatever. OK NOW FINAL PLAY (of regulation) - TD Wildcats. What terrible coverage by Davis. He dropped with the receiver then just watched him go left for an open catch.
OT - disgusting

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