October 30, 2007

Blog Poll Week 9

1 Ohio State --
2 Boston College --
3 Oklahoma --
4 LSU --
5 Oregon 1
6 West Virginia 1
7 Arizona State 1
8 Missouri 1
9 Kansas 1
10 Georgia 8
11 Texas 5
12 Virginia Tech 7
13 Alabama 7
14 Connecticut 10
15 Tennessee 11
16 South Carolina 4
17 Michigan 5
18 Auburn 1
19 Southern Cal 4
20 Florida 7
21 Wake Forest 5
22 Purdue 4
23 South Florida 12
24 Hawaii 1
25 Wisconsin 1

Dropped Out: Kentucky (#14), Penn State (#19), Virginia (#21), California (#23).


Erik said...

Good gravy, Oklahoma? Who has Oklahoma beaten? Miami? Isn't that kinda passe?

Tom said...

Oklahoma lost a road conference game by a FB. Then rebounded to win AT Texas and then beat a hot Mizz (both ranked at the time).

Is giving up 43 an admirable loss? They were fortunate at home against Florida and were equally as fortunate at home against Auburn.

LSU is good, but they are not perfect.

Tom said...

I meant FG, not FB.

Erik said...

Compare to Kansas and Arizona State which are notable in that they have *not* lost to an unranked garbage team. Arizona State, at least, has a more impressive win over Cal than OU can claim over an eminently terrible Miami. I don't know the specifics of Kansas' schedule.

In terms of LSU, which apparently you thought I was defending, fuck LSU. Although I'm still pretty sure they'd beat OU senseless.

Tom said...

you are right I did assume you were giving some love to LSU. And I don't necessarily think that ASU over Cal is any more impressive than OU over Tex or Mizz.

I'll buy your arguments though and take them into serious consideration for next week. I just believe that OU would beat ASU or Kansas on any field. OU/LSU would be a good game where home field might be a factor.

As you can read in my most recent post, nothing would please me more than to see a team like ASU or Kansas in the BCS Title game.