October 25, 2007

We Got Him!

Ralph Sampson III has committed to Minnesota.

Rumors had been surfacing all day that he'd make his decision within 48 hours, tonight, this afternoon!

Rivals is reporting that he will sign with Tubby Smith and the golden gophers! This is a big deal.

More analysis later, but I'm heading home.


Erik said...

He plays basketball. Why does that look for all the world like Mariucci?

As I think about Mariucci, Ohio State is terrible. We'd have been in some real trouble were they not, you know, terrible.

Not a very good showing by either team for those who like to see good clean crisp hockey. Way too many opportunities left out on the ice.

Chuck said...

Mariucci? He looks just like his daddy, says this old Wahoo. Now I need to go find out why he's dissing UVa to go to Minnesota....