October 10, 2007

I was wrong

For both of you who read my preview of the Indiana game you will see that I was terribly wrong. I can justify my preview a little bit.

Where I was right (kind of)...

  • we were only sacked twice by the "best pass rush in the country"
  • we only had 2 turnovers and neither directly led to points
  • we held Kellen Lewis to good but not ungodly passing stats
All of those were tantamount to winning the game. BUT I was so very wrong about the run game.

I thought we could dominate the line of scrimmage and even our porous defense would be able to contain the Hoosier run game. Unfortunately we gave up 250 yards on the ground and were unable to produce a 100 yard back for the game.

We lost by 20 and by all accounts it should have been more. I'll admit when I was wrong and this was certainly the case last week. Congrats Indiana.

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