October 19, 2007

Kansas v Hawaii - Dream BCS Championship

I am firmly in the camp of those who hate the BCS. I think it is unacceptable that the best sport the NCAA has to offer crowns a champion based on arbitrary and subjective voting criteria. It is really ridiculous, short-sighted, selfish and frankly retarded that they can't put together even a small playoff system. I don't care if it is 4, 6, 8 or 16 teams there is no logical reason to keep a system that automatically eliminates about 75% of the participants before a game is even played.

I'm not here to discuss why the BCS is so bad, nor am I here offering a perfect system to crown a real champ. What I'll eventually get to is that I am sad South Florida lost last night, and here is why.

Every year about this time of the season I quit cheering for certain teams (outside of Minnesota of course) or desiring to see the best 2 teams in the BCS Championship game. What I want each and every year is the worst possible scenario for the BCS. I want teams that come from nowhere, teams in non-BCS conferences and anybody else who is not at the Florida, USC, Ohio State level. Essentially want want the worst possible scenario for a BCS Championship game. As long we we get a game like Florida vs. Ohio State the BCS will still be around. NOW if the BCS computers would have given us Hawaii vs. South Florida, THAT would stimulate change.

South Florida is a Big East school, but they have a small fan base and outside of that state they won't bring a national audience to their television sets.

As I hope and dream of a season sans BCS, here is what we have to hope for...

#18 Hawaii - personally I don't think they are very good and should not be ranked. But they are undefeated and one can only hope that they stay that way and sneak into the BCS Championship game. This would be a disaster for the BCS. Currently #18 in BCS so jumping to #2 seems insurmountable but with enough losses above them it is possible. The Rainbow Warriors are really our only chance at creating serious havoc this year.

#25 Michigan - preseason #5, so this wouldn't be a total shocker when all is said and done. And they go against my desire to keep the big name schools out. But lets assume Appalachian State wins the 1AA Championship. How sweet would it be that the 1AA champ could lay claim to being the overall champion of college football. If a big name school has to make it this is what I want this year.

#8 Arizona State or #13 Kansas - these are the last 2 undefeated teams in major conferences who have come out of nowhere. Because in August the coaches and other ranking conglomerates didn't think these 2 teams were on the best 25 (or even 30) teams in the country they likely have no shot at a BCS Championship birth. We need these teams to remain undefeated but are not allowed to play for the championship. Why? Because most people assumed they are not very good to start the year.

Dream BCS Championship Match-up

#13 Kansas vs. #18 Hawaii

2nd best match-up - this scenario means LSU loses once more but lays claim to beating both schools while being left out in the cold.

#11 Virginia Tech vs. #6 South Carolina

Realistically there isn't an "OMG what are we gonna do" scenario this year. Hawaii needs to win their remaining games by 55 points and hope everybody ahead of them loses, twice. Arizona State is yet to play Cal, USC, Oregon and UCLA so should they finish undefeated they'll move way up in the polls and probably deserve to be there.

Time is running short and there has to be a number of upsets along the way but we can all hope and pray.

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