October 2, 2007

Minnesota is better than Michigan !

Congrats to the women's volleyball team for sweeping the (formerly) 11th ranked Michigan Wolverines. #12-Minnesota is tied for first place in conference (4-0) and has a 10 game Big Ten win streak (going 30-1 in that stretch of games) dating back to last season.

You won't see very many Gopher Nation posts on women's sports but I have to find some positive news around here. So here is your in-depth volleyball coverage.

After a heartbreaking loss to #1 ranked Nebraska last season in the national semi-finals (up 2-0 only to lose 2-3) to end last season, the golden gopher women are hoping to make another run at the Final Four. This year's team appears to be very good but things look even bright for future seasons as this squad has only 2 seniors.

My expert analysis (and I am a great volleyball mind cause my old high school girlfriend played volleyball so I know) says that Jesse Jones (Sr) is a very good player who will lead this team in 2007 and will be missed next year. But the young nucleus highlighted by the combo of freshmen Dieter (Hitter) and Gibbemeyer (Blocker) will take this team a long way in the next few years!

In the immediate future the women have a challenging road trip this weekend as they head to Ohio State on Friday (which some of you can watch on Big Ten Network) then a showdown with top ten ranked Penn State on Saturday. Good luck!

Killz Leaders...

  • 200 (7th in B10) - Brook Dieter - freshman
  • 169 - Kyla Roehrig - junior
  • 124 - Jesse Jones - senior
  • 123 - Lauren Gibbemeyer - freshman

Blocks Leaders...
  • 78 (#1 in B10) - Jesse Jones - senior
  • 55 (9th in B10) - Kyla Roehrig - junior
  • 24 - Lauren Gibbemeyer - freshman

Digs Leaders...
  • 210 (5th in B10) - Christine Tan - sophomore
  • 137 - Brook Dieter - freshman
  • 120 - Kelly Roysland - senior
  • 111 - Rachel Hartmann - junior

#1 Setter
  • Rachel Hartmann (3rd in B10) - junior

Serve Aces...
  • 15 - Brook Dieter - freshman
  • 15 - Lauren Gibbemeyer - freshman


Anonymous said...

Jessy Jones is out indefinitely.

Tom said...

injured or other reason?