October 31, 2007

Bizarro BCS Standings

As I state before, I want nothing more than the worst possible BCS match-up. Last week I called for Kansas vs. Hawaii, but this week I'm having a change of heart. Here is my BCS top 5.

1. Hawaii (8-0) - if they are the last undefeated team (and everybody else has 3 losses)...whatever, it will never happen. But NOBODY would care to watch the Rainbow Warriors, and that is the goal.

2. Michigan (7-2) - They had 2 ugly losses to start the year, including 1 to a 1AA school. I now want the Wolverines to win the BCS Championships and then I want Appalachian State to win the 1AA title (an actual championship by the way). Then the entire 1AA system can hang their hat on having the best team in college football. Wins over Wisconsin and Ohio State, coupled with a few key losses could see Michigan jump up the polls.

3. Kansas (8-0) - Now we are into the realm of nobody would care. I don't think the Jayhawks have massive football following (I could be wrong) and I KNOW the national audience would greet Kansas with a collective yawn. I'm hesitant to move them up simply because they would still have to beat Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game and that would count for something in their favor.

4. Connecticut (7-1) - Who? Another basketball school and currently on top of this basketball conference. The Big East is overrated this year but maybe the Huskies can finish with only the 1 point road loss to Virginia and earn a BCS Championship birth.

5. Arizona State (8-0) - Another school that wouldn't exactly excite the world of college football. But an undefeated Sun Devil team could actually be BCS worthy. They beat Cal last week and now have to run through Oregon, UCLA and USC.

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