October 17, 2007

Recruiting UPDATE

Here is a quick update on probably the biggest recruits for basketball and football respectivley....

Mike Floyd - HERE is a very informative article on a Notre Dame site (BlueandGold.com). Inside it tells us that Minnesota is solidly in his top 3 but probably behind Ohio State and Notre Dame. Michigan and Florida seem to be a distant 4th/5th. As discussed several times, Floyd is the biggest recruiting target that Brewster has. Landing Floyd would be bigger than huge. For 1, the gophers lose the best players from Cretin-Derham Hall every year and landing a player of this magnitude may help to plug this leak.

Interesting how fans at Notre Dame immediately wondered how Matt Carufel leaving the Irish would affect Floyd's recruitment. Carufel is a former teammate of Floyd's and current CDH assistant Andy Bischoff says that it won't be an issue for him. I can't help but think that it will have to have some affect. The CDH coaches can tell him to treat his recruitment like it is separate from Carufel's, but he'll be playing for the same coaches and attending the same Notre Dame practices. I assume they will talk and that Floyd will at least hear Matt's concerns.

In summation, I guess it is encouraging to know that we are top 3 and still in the running. If Notre Dame stays at the top till the end I would put money Floyd playing on NBC next fall. Any player from CDH in recent memory who has been pursued by Notre Dame has gone to Notre Dame.

UPDATE: Floyd played tonight scoring 3 TDs. 65 yd reception, punt return and one rushing. His game was against Adam Weber's old high school so let hope they had a fun little conversation about playing together next season. OH, and I guess he sprained his ankle and was on crutches.

Ralph Sampson - is the presumptive #1 recruit for Tubby. A month ago it appeared that the golden gophers would finish 2nd to Georgia Tech. Then it became rumored that the Yellow Jackets were holding Sampson off while they waited on another big man's decision. Ralph didn't like being a second choice and his recruitment opened up a little bit. Kentucky, Maryland and Clemson became bigger players here and we all wondered if Minnesota was falling back a little.

Apparently Sampson has narrowed his list down to an official 4. Georgia Tech and Minnesota are clearly top 2 with Maryland and Clemson still in the running. The encouraging news is that Kentucky is now out and a decision could come by the end of the month.

At this point my money is still on Sampson playing at Williams Arena next year. I think playing time and being viewed as the school's #1 guy are important to Ralph. He has that here. He'll be the starting center next season and that will be the deciding factor.

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