October 13, 2007

OT @ Northwestern

This is disgusting. We have endured comebacks and (potentially) losses like this for far too long. Brewster was brought in to avoid this kind of collapse. But I have long held a theory that losing teams are used to losing for a reason. Blowing big leads has become something these players are far too used to and it is REALLY difficult to buck this trend.

Even if we win this game I am disappointed as we should not be in this situation.

Here we go...

anybody else notice as they do the coin flip that the stands are empty in the far corner? interesting. Also, NW is 6-0 all time in Big Ten overtime games? That's incredible.

Minnesota Ball - can Weber regroup and get this offense into the endzone?

  • YES!!! After 2 terrible plays Weber hits Wheelright on a fade for a TD! Great catch again for Ernie. Man is he good, too bad he can't play at this level all the time.
  • OK, Defense your turn!!!
Northwestern Ball - can the defense make a play?
  • Thank you Dominic Barber for staying home! Thank you so much for being the only legit player we have on defense.
  • 4th Down - finally have some quick pressure on Bacher abut he hits an open receiver for the 1st down. That makes 3/3 on 4th down. 1st and goal for NW.
  • TD - NW, again good pressure on Bacher and he has to throw going backwards but that essentially tied the game.
Northwestern Ball #2 - Have to make 4 consecutive plays this time.
  • Scored as expected.
Minnesota Ball #2 - we have to get 7 again, 3 won't do it today.
  • Scored, what a great option fake by Weber.
  • And we are going for 2!
  • You decide, well defended, poorly executed or just a bad play call. Either way it's another golden gopher loss.
Frustrating and disappointing, this would have been a nice win.

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